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Xbox ININvasion of ININ Games

The Xbox ININvasion starts on December 7, 2023, and it’s just the beginning! The starting games are Pocky and Rocky: Reshrined, Panorama Cotton, UltraCore, Clockwork Aquario, IREM Collection Volume 1, and Cotton 100%. These are a mix of remakes, unreleased arcade and Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) games and Japanese-exclusive Mega Drive and Super Famicom games. I have covered each of these…

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Is Xbox Going “Sega” For Game Pass?

Why would Microsoft keep making Xbox consoles, when their focus is on Game Pass? I have said this very thing on my YouTube channel multiple times, like here, here and here. Imagine my surprise to see RGT 85 say something similar, three-plus years later. Looking at the article he mentioned, it seems that Microsoft might actually change focus to a Game…

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Retro-bit Set to Release Eliminate Down for Sega Genesis

Eliminate Down is one of the rarest Mega Drive games in existence. Retro-bit is now taking pre-orders for this rare game and set to release it for $60. The game itself is hard to track down, making loose or complete sets of the game gain value since the new millennium. Retro-bit has a history of re-releasing retro and rare games. For…

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