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If you were interested in the Intellivision Amico, you might be interested in “AMICADE” on Steam. The game was developed by Gaterooze, Ink and it is free.

Smash JT covered the game, which is where I learned about it. As I watched his video, I decided to download the game. As I played, I decided to record something on my own.

Gaterooze successfully developed these three included games in a single day, and made them available on Steam, for free. The AMICADE collection includes clones of “Astrosmash,” “Shark Shark!” and Skiing.

“Astrosmash” and “Shark Shark!” were sold off by Intellivision Inc, to BBG Entertainment, and will soon be available on modern consoles, as well as Steam.

I plan to make additional content about this game for my YouTube channel, so please check it out.


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