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Anstream Arcade is a streaming service, allowing the subscriber to play upwards of 1300 games across multiple types of devices. I was given a 1-year Xbox subscription code, so I could offer my insight. My YouTube channel focuses on “modern technology for retro games.”

Unfortunately, I had to move my Xbox Series X (PS5 too) to another room, so I cannot record the console as I normally would. As a result, I did a basic gameplay stream today on Twitch. I have since ported the stream to YouTube.

How Does it Play?

There is no discernible lag. The games are mostly so small, they can run in the RAM of the Xbox. I don’t think the Xbox Series X (or Xbox One) controller is the best for this service. I contend the PlayStation controller is better suited because of where the D-Pad is located.


I took a quick look around and have not seen a method to change the controls. I’ll keep playing the games and see if I notice anything that could use improvement. If you happen to know how to change the controls, or Antstream, you see this and make it available, please let me know.

You can filter, but filters need to be improved. I would like to be able to select specific genres and filter out everything else. I contend, that every attribute made available for the games should be an option to filter.


With 1300+ games available to play, you will certainly find something of interest to you. There are games from the arcade, as well as retro consoles like the Super NES, Sega Genesis (Mega Drive), NES, and many others.

Of the consoles, I think the Sega Genesis has the best games available. Between the Renovation collection, including “Valis,” and “Valis III,” as well sa “El Viento” and “Gaiares,” you can’t go wrong. Keep in mind, all of those games from Renovation are also available on the Renovation collection for the Evercade. Fortunately, they play the same. Like I said earlier, the games are small enough, where they do not need to have constant streaming. The games are stored in the RAM of the device and works just fine.

You can get a lifetime or an annual subscription through


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