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As a prelude to a video that will drop tomorrow morning at midnight, I wanted to take a minute and describe the purpose of my rant video. The purpose was simple; my kid, “Hit Point” in the videos decided that he would take the path to least resistance and play the fully-unlocked “Burnout Paradise” on the PlayStation 3, rather than the superior version on the PlayStation 4. What was his reason? Well, everything was unlocked on the PS3 version and there is a lot left to unlock on the PS4 version.

I immediately thought, “‘Modern’ gamers have it SOOO easy today!” After thinking about that, I got ready to “rant” on YouTube. (available at 12:15 tomorrow)

What games did we have in the early days of video games? We had the first generation consoles where most games were simplistic in graphics and gameplay. The arcade ports were generally just as short as their arcade counterparts, which were designed to consume as many quarters as possible. By the time we got to the NES (and SMS) games were either arcade ports or basic story-driven games, designed to ensure parents were happy with a financially sound purchase for their kid(s). Well, those games were hard too, with limited continues and extra lives. (Contra, Castlevania, etc.)

Fast-track to today; saves every few minutes and the gamer can keep trying the game until he/she passes the troublesome part(s). Sometimes, games even become easier to make the troublesome part passable. WTF!? Unless the gamer actually wants to replay the game, the average gamer today does not see the early portion of a modern game.

In the early days (unless the gamer had a Game Genie), the gamer(s) saw the early stages in every play-through. As gamers became more familiar with the game(s), the early stages became seemingly easier as the gamer(s) became more proficient. The games were built in layers, so after accomplishing early levels, the gamer moved to a mildly tougher portion where the skills learned earlier were applied. Skill was learned on these old games, rather than patience or luck.



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