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The Computer Electronics Show (CES) has been thoroughly reported and I explained what interested me in our latest video, called “CES 2019 – Highlights with the Generational Gamer.”

The only major element, I did not discuss was Hyperkin’s “Duck Hunt” zapper.

Hyperkin’s “Duck Hunt” – Zapper

I largely ignored the “Zapper” because “Duck Hunt” is just not interesting to me. I got over the novelty of the Zapper a few minutes after playing my Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) as a child. The game purchased with my NES was “Hogan’s Alley”, and neither game impressed me beyond the initial novelty. I used the Zapper briefly in the “gun levels” of “The Adventures of Bayou Billy,” but that game is nearly unplayable, so my Zapper has been dormant for years…the “original” grey Zapper, by the way.

I also did not pay any mind to the Raspberry Pi / SNES hybrid “do it yourself” hybrid. That is mainly because Hyperkin has not explained what the device is supposed to be. Is it a Super RetroN HD that is based on emulation? Until we know more, there is no point in discussing the matter.

My focus remained on the modernized controllers, HDMI adapters and Retro-Bit’s new Sega Nomad. Without any further ado, here is the CES round-up by the Generational Gamer.


HDMI Adapter for Nintendo Consoles (SNES, N64 and GameCube)

Convenience is a big deal to me. I do not mind multiple HDMI cables in the back of my TV and rather than use a device like a RetroTink, which will certainly make the picture better, with multiple settings, this is supposed to just work. Whether it does work, well, we will see. 🙂

One unique item that Hyperkin offered was a Nintendo Switch dock, in the shape of a Nintendo 64. Allegedly, the bricking issues are not a problem here. Who knows? Here’s a picture of the dock:

There were multiple controllers released; most were wireless for our retro consoles.


Retro-Bit has the Sega license and they are certainly (appearing) to use it well. Let’s start with their greatest surprise; a re-release and modernization of the Sega Nomad:

The best element is the HDMI port. In the video, I raised a question: if Retro-Bit is truly aligned with Sega, will this be a re-release of the original console (not a clone???), with modernized interfaces? One can only hope!

Retro-Bit also has multiple controllers to rival Hyperkin and many are replications of Sega’s classic controllers.

I did not even mention the re-release of MetalStorm in the video. It was a game that was released after the Super Nintendo (SNES) was released. I had already moved from the NES to the Genesis and then to the SNES, so I am not familiar with the game. Here are the pictures taken (not by me) at CES:

What are you excited about from CES?


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