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The stylish box of the XboxHD

I’ve already covered similar devices by Pound and Kaico Labs. This is much more expensive, but EON’s quality is usually very good. With that in mind, if you want an adapter for $190 to play original Xbox games, Eon has you covered.

Eon is the brand that has the support of the “Big YouTubers,” making it “better,” I suppose.

I bought into the hype on the Nintendo 64 HDMI, the “Super 64,” eventually sold it. I covered it here, and here. I have another, cheaper adapter that does the same thing. Even though I was snarky, I must say that the Super 64 really is a nice device.

Advantages Over the Competition

The best advantages over the competition are the dual displays, LAN adapters and the TOSLINK. The idea is to use these ports for LAN parties, but I wonder if they could be used as a means of routing the network. At this point, I have not seen or heard anything one way or another. The dual displays would be perfect for a LAN party. As for the setup, one HDMI cable goes to the smaller TV and the other goes to the large screen.

I also like the design. It looks very much like an original Xbox. EON’s designs usually go nicely with the host console.


Without seeing one first-hand, the biggest issue is the price. Like I said at the onset, the competition already has products for half of this retail price. Unless you are really into the retro gaming scene, no amount of YouTube promotion will convince the average game.

I have an Xbox, version 1.4 and it does not work well with the Pound HD adapter. It works fine with the Kaico one though. When I made the videos, I had not yet purchased an original Xbox, so I had to borrow one. Those recordings were made on a 1.6.

It would be interesting to see if this adapter struggles at all with a Xbox 1.4.

If I got my hands on one, I would give it a fair shot. I’m at the point now, where all of my retro consoles have fairly good HDMI options. Let me re-phrase that; all but the PlayStation 2. I have several good options, but none are great.


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