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Evercade announced on their page today that they no longer have the license for Atari and the cartridges are set to be phased out. I did not realize that Evercade stopped producing cartridges, but that does explain why Technos cartridge is so expensive on the secondary market.

Not bad for a cartridge that originally cost $20. That screenshot on the left is from Pricecharting.com.

According to Evercade, “at the end of December 2023, our contract with Atari comes to an end.”

With Atari now re-entering the retro gaming space, and Evercade having released as much of Atari’s available catalogue as we possibly could, it seems the best time to refocus our energies on new licenses across the 50 years of gaming our Evercade ecosystem covers. Therefore the following cartridges will be turning into legacy cartridges at the end of the year with stock still available from retailers for the foreseeable future:


Legacy is a fancy way of saying that they are being discontinued. At that point, expect the price to rise like aa helium balloon.

If you want to see the Technos collection, I reviewed it here:

My YouTube channel

I’m not a fan of the classic Atari games. I was an Intellivision gamer back then. The only cartridge I have came with my original console. Are you disappointed?


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