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Evercade is a product by Blaze Entertainment. They now have three consoles, with a few tiny alternatives. I have been harsh on the original Evercade ever since it was released. I never thought much of the original console. It felt cheap, the D-Pad and buttons weren’t great and without the mappable buttons across the board, I thought it was not worth the effort.

Enter the Evercade EXP

I remember reading (somewhere) that the original handheld was discontinued. As a result, I bought the latest and greatest. I unboxed the device and compared it to the original. Upon booting the new console, it prompted me for my WiFi credentials and it automatically updated its firmware. The original Evercade required a manual firmware update:

The Evercade EXP uses a similar D-Pad to the original, but this one is better. I don’t care for the placement of the Start and Select buttons, but they are symmetrical to the TATE buttons on the left. That’s right; if you have a vertical-oriented game, you can put the button on the lower-left side and switch the orientation of the screen.

As somebody who likes shoot’em ups (shmups), TATE-mode is a great addition.

Unlike the original Evercade, this one has an operating system, so Blaze has been providing a free monthly game. It also includes a decent selection of Capcom games, pre-installed to the console.

Insert a cartridge and additional games are added. The IREM collection is included with the Evercade EXP. The best addition is in beta right now, but it allows for the end-user to manually choose their button configuration.

Upcoming Video

I recorded a lot of raw video for my YouTube channel, so please subscribe, in preparation for the Evercade EXP video.


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