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The other day, I posted a blog entry about a new Intellivison console. Much like the Amico, you can forget about it. SmashJt alerted me, along with anyone else with YouTube to a substantial update:

mikesgaminggala” responded to SmashJT:

I’m not going to continue with the conversation, because the important part is listed above.

No Swear Gamer” also covered the “new” console and John Alverado responded:

Alverado explains the likely reason for the sudden change of heart.

Personally, I do not think I would buy a new Intellivision. I love my old one, for what it is, but the few games I want to play on it today, it would not warrant buying a new console. If BBG releases the “Intellivision” version of Burgertime, I would be perfectly satisfied with their releases.


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