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This type of thing needs to stop. Either an Internet connection is required to use a physical version of a game or it is required to actually play the game. I opted for the digital version of Jedi Survivor because I saw no reason to buy a physical version than only contained half of the game. That game has its share of bugs. Hopefully Forza will be “complete upon its release.

Gamespot featured an interview explaining the Internet-based requirements.

“The game has been designed to easily adjust and add content over time,” Esaki explained when asked about online requirements. “It’s really to ensure a fair and secure experience anywhere in the game. So any progression in the game will be stored on our servers to support the integrity of the overall game experience.”

“There are options for playing offline,” Esaki added. “So things like freeplay is always available, but any progression requires an online connection.”


Forza Motorsport is set to release on October 10 for Xbox Series X|S and PC.


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