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I love my Nintendo Switch controllers, but the JoyCon is not one of them. In fact, I rarely use them. A company may have found a permanent solution to the Nintendo Switch’s greatest problem; JoyCon Drift. A company called Gulikit has a new type of JoyCon for the Nintendo Switch. iFixit recently released a video on the upgrade:

The primary feature of these controllers is the “hall sensing contactless mechanism,” as opposed to the originals, where friction causes eventually failure.

Your mileage with these may vary. In the United States, Nintendo has a JoyCon repair website, where you can send your damaged JoyCons in for repair/replacement.

Gulikit’s website did not list the price of these new sticks, but after searching, I found it on Amazon.

Are you going to repair your JoyCons, or simply send them back to Nintendo for repair?


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