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People like to complain. It makes for an easy way to get clicks on YouTube, and the latest culprit is Jedi Survivor, particularly on the PC. Let me start by saying, I spent $70 (plus tax) on the digital version for the PlayStation 5 (PS5). I was given nothing by EA, so the “shill” comments can be quickly forgotten. I also play on “Quality” mode. 60 fps generally give me a headache, so I prefer the slower frame rate.

My Experience

Without giving away too much of the story, I freed a droid that was captured underground, and returned to the cantina. There have been a few graphical bugs here and there, but nothing “game-breaking.” I chose the PS5 version because of the DualSense controller, but outside of a few lightsaber noises, the controller doesn’t do anything spectacular. Unless there are significant problems with the Xbox Series X|S version, the experiences should be very similar.

PC Gaming

Most of the complaints seem to stem from the PC version of the game. I play PC games occasionally, so I do not have an expensive rig. I own a small Beelink computer that plays most of my games. At the time of this writing, the computer is on sale for $329.00.

Prior to buying a PS5, I was playing God of War and Jedi: Fallen Order on it. Sure I had to turn down some of the effects, but these relatively new games were more than playable. I have no expectations that this computer would run Jedi Survivor. I only bring it up to explain my experiences with computer gaming.


As a result of PC port performance, and the general EA-bashing; Jedi Survivor is essentially condemned, regardless of how the player chooses to play.

Like I said in the beginning; I bought the digital edition of the PS5 version. I have played exclusively in “Quality” mode and have had little issues with the game. If you want to play this otherwise, great game, I suggest you play in “Quality” mode and forget about the “Performance” mode. By the very nature, “Performance” mode makes concessions. I contend that Sony and Microsoft patch “Performance” mode out of their respective consoles. Leave “Quality” mode as the target for all games that get released.

Have you played Jedi Survivor? What are your experiences?


Not long after posting the video, I got a response. I posted my response here.


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