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A few months back, I wrote a blog article called, “How My Grandparents Turned Me Into A Gamer.” I intended to release a video shortly after that blog post. I have recorded some footage for the video already, including both of my parents, but it is nowhere near ready.

Fast forward to Thursday, April 11, 2019; I received a call very early in the morning that my (71 year old) father fell while loading his car – out of state. My sister and I rushed to the hotel where they were staying and met my mother. We went to the hospital to where he was air-lifted. Here we are several days later and my father has had spine surgery and is doing his best to move his extremities with minimal assistance.

While sitting with him, I began to think about all of the things my father has done for me over the years. This is a gaming blog, so I will keep this post focussed on gaming. My parents are every bit as relevant to my gaming world-view as my grandparents were. Despite my Dad having two jobs during the majority of my childhood, he did search for games interesting to me.

During the 1980s; this was a time before the Internet. The best a consumer could hope for, was that the game was still in stock by the time the adult arrived at the store. Now with digital distribution, which I despise as a whole and Internet sales…even preordering, this is not an issue.

Rather than doing a single video on my grandparents, I think that I will do a video series discussing how my family influenced my gaming hobby.

In the interim, please pray for my Dad.


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