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Before you crap all over this article, because my YouTube channel is not large; please read the entire thing. I use the Intellivision Amico as the prime example, but pick your controversy, because the same rules apply.

The Rules

In order to quickly gain a following, you must do the following:

  • Pick a controversial (even if it is only seemingly controversial) topic.
  • Make a video with a(n un)popular take.
  • Wait for another, larger channel to respond.
  • Respond to the take that contradicts the original take.
  • Repeat

The Reason

Many larger channels do this. In this particular article, I focus on Smash JT because he released a video discussing the “Amico Cult,” and that video is what spawned this idea.

Video from Smash JT

Let me start by saying, that I am observing a pattern of behavior, but I have no ill-will towards Smash JT (in fact, he helped me get my refund for the Amico, so thanks!) or anyone else. It is simply not something I do. One, I don’t want to be bothered with the drama (yes, I get the irony), and two, even if it actively inhibits my channel, it is not part of my personality.

Updated 6/5/2023 to include Twitter conversation clarifying position:

The Amico

At one point, I was very excited about the Intellivision Amico. I was on the “Amico All Access” and interviewed Tommy Tallarico twice on my own. I even kept in contact with Tommy for a while. I have no ill-will towards him either; nor do I think the Amico was just a huge scam. If I am honest with myself, most of the excitement, came from my early days with the original Intellivision. That old system had some of the best, and still existing, memories with my “late” grandparents. (They both died many years ago.) My grandmother and I were competitors for the best scores in “Burgertime,” “Shark Shark!” and “Astrosmash.” My grandfather played “Astrosmash” and Baseball, but that was about it. One half of those games are getting reimagined. Unfortunately, the Amico does not seem to be where they will appear, but the Switch will be the perfect place to house them.

As for the people I met while my channel focused on the Amico, I keep in contact with only a few. One of them, is Smash JT. Keep in mind, this guy put $10,000 of his own money, into the Intellivision Amico, based on the information given to him at the time. It stands to reason that he would be pissed about where it is today. I certainly would, if I were in his position. He certainly should have received a prototype. I’ve never met Smash JT, but I have met Mike Mullis, of the Original Next Level Gamer. He’s a nice guy and a family man. There are a few others with whom I still speak.

Today, my Amico coverage consists of discussing the emails on this website, but that is it. I see no reason to continue to crap all over something that may never see the light of day. If the Amico is ever released, I will cover it fairly.

Following the Rules

If I focused on controversy, my channel would certainly grow. I do not intend to go down that path. Watch any controversy, and tell me that I am wrong.


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