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Did you know you can use the Retro Fighters Battler GC controller on an original Xbox? You can! I gave a brief overview here:

Things you need

  1. BattlerGC
  2. Brook (Xbox) adapter
  3. Xbox to USB adapter

Retro Fighters sent me a few controllers for review. I already posted videos for the Defender and Brawler 64. Now I am working on the Battler GC. I decided to demonstrate how to use it with an original Xbox.


It’s not designed for an Xbox and it shows. The button placement are perfect for Nintendo’s Gamecube the Battler’s primary intent but the Xbox needs a traditional controller. As for the actual performance, the Battler GC is just as responsive as expected. I’ll have a full review on the controller in the coming week. Check out my YouTube channel for more.


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