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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was the first game in the series, at least chronologically. It ualso used the Nintendo Wii’s motion controls extensively. I despise motion controls. I said as much here. I actually stopped playing Skyward Sword because of the controls.

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I was immediately interested when I learned that Skyward Sword might be remastered.

Upon its release, I played that game until I beat it. It’s a shame that I waited so long because Skyward Sword had an excellent story. Of course the HD version can be played with normal controls.

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According to an interview with Game Informer:

“During our interview back then, I probably mentioned that it seems like it won’t be possible, but I also probably had in my head at the time that this is a challenge that we would like to take on if we had the opportunity. As you’re aware, obviously, the Nintendo Switch is a system that does feature motion controls, and the first thing we would need to accomplish in bringing Skyward Sword to the Switch will be making sure that the motion controls from the original game felt good on that system; that would be the first thing we would need to take care of. But, of course, eventually, there would be a need for us to, as you mentioned, come up with a way to make sure you can play the game without using motion control. I thought that if this was something we could accomplish and we had a good way to do it, then it would be okay to proceed with creating a remake.

So, at the time when we were having our interview, I don’t think that I probably had that idea firmly in my mind, but I’m someone who receives input from a lot of different people, and once the right idea comes to us, presents itself, or someone comes up with it, then the path kind of opens, and we’re able to proceed. I think that’s what happened this time. I think that’s what happened this time as well. That’s kind of another representation of that tenacity I mentioned previously.”

Game Informer


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