If Phil Spencer “Really” Wants to Keep Digital Xbox 360 Titles Alive, Microsoft Can Make It Happen

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Xbox boss Phil Spencer said the team at Xbox would “love to find solutions” in order to save the 220 non-backwards compatible games set to become unavailable for purchase once the Xbox 360 digital storefront shuts down next year.


I call “bullshit” on this, because Microsoft has never been shy about spending. If they want to keep the non-backwards compatible games on the storefront, they will.

When Phil Spencer was asked about the Xbox 360 store

Spencer: Game reservation is critical to us at Team Xbox. One of the things we do is ship all of our games on PC, because I actually think PC is the best ecosystem for game preservation because it’s not tied to one piece of hardware. So at the meta level, if we think about video games as pieces of software, the more that software isn’t dependent on a physical device, the more preserved it can be in the long run. On the 360, I love our back compat and the work that we’ve done. And maybe it’s a little bit of grandiose to say, but I think it’s world class, what the team has done around back compat, even on Gen 9. Not only does it run, but the best place to go play those games is through the back compat layer on a Series S or X. I love it, I think it’s awesome.


Like I said earlier, if Microsoft wants to keep Xbox 360 digital titles alive, they will. If Mr. Spencer is really serious about “preserving” digital games, then he will make those games compatible with the current consoles; Xbox Series X|S.


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