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In addition to the physical releases by Strictly Limited Games, the game will also come to digital. The game will be released on Nintendo Switch, PS4/PS5 and Xbox. Quite frankly, I was surprised to see this so soon, as the first collection has not even been released.

Volume 2 includes GunForce (SNES, M-92 Arcade), GunForce II (M-92 Arcade) and Air Duel (M-72 Arcade). This collection is available for preorder at Strictly Limited Games exclusively.

ININ and Tozai will handle the digital editions for the Western and Japanese markets on Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation, and Microsoft Xbox, scheduled for release on February 20, 2024.

GunForce (SNES, M-92 Arcade)

This Run and Gun gem will include both the SNES and Arcade versions. Whether you played the original on your childhood SNES or prefer the much-improved Arcade version, you are covered!

GunForce II (M-92 Arcade)

The official sequel to GunForce never made it out of the arcades, making this release its first official worldwide launch on consoles!

Air Duel (M-72 Arcade)

Air Duel was only ever released in Japanese arcades, and this marks its first official worldwide release on consoles. In this classic shoot ’em up, you can switch your aircraft before every new stage, a feature that was groundbreaking back in the day! 


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