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Irem has release two collections so far; Collection Volume 1 and Collection Volume 2 and now they are on to number 3. More great games will be available and of course, you can pre-order a physical copy from Strictly Limited Games. While, I am not personally familiar with these shoot’em-ups, I’m sure they are great games.

ININ and Tozai will handle the digital versions for the Western and Japanese markets on Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, scheduled for release in Q2 2024.
Mr. Heli, also known outside Japan as Battle Chopper, took the Japanese arcades by storm in 1987, when IREM’s creative mojo was in full bloom. This quirky adventure invites you to steer a little-legged orange Chopper named Mr. Heli through a multitude of innovative stages. What goes up, must come down… and walk! The heroic helicopter can soar through the stages, walks across lands, and wields three different weapons, each with two upgrade levels. Along the way, you’ll mine crystals and buy upgrades to help you take on the massive bosses that stand in your way. And don’t forget to keep your eye open for hidden paths, sneaky secrets, and clever puzzles built into the level design – they might just be your ticket to success in this high-flying adventure! The comeback of Mr. Heli offers a fascinating time travel for shoot ’em-up fans. The IREM Collection Volume 3 contains both Battle Chopper in its 1987 Arcade M-92 version and the 1989 PC Engine / Turbo Grafx version. The fascinating gameplay of these games is preserved over time and stands out as a one-of-a-kind masterpiece deserving your love.
You’re a wizard, Harry! The 1992 Arcade Shoot ‘em up Mystic Riders takes you on a magical journey that’s a bit different from IREM’s usual dark and challenging shoot ‘em up style. Developed by the same team that gave us the comical Daiku no Gen-san (Hammerin’ Harry), this shmup ventures into a world of fantasy and magic, far from its counterparts’ biomechanical ‘’nightmares’’. Take on the roles of two comical and lighthearted characters, the wizard Mark and the witch Zeal, and start your (possibly co-op) adventure! While riding a broomstick, defeat giant sky turtles, ghosts, grim reapers, dragons, and other mystical creatures. Fling your broom in a boomerang fashion to block projectiles or get a taste of an early version of the dodge roll, a move that’s now common in gaming. Mystic Riders is a true gem in the shoot ‘em genre and a highly entertaining co-op experience, so don’t miss it!
Dragon Breed is a thrilling dragon-themed shooter where you hop on a massive dragon named Bahamoot and ride into action! Don’t be fooled by his size, though – only your rider can take damage, while the dragon is a total beast absorbing the damage projectiles of countless opponents. Enemies bounce off its tail harmlessly, making it super satisfying for a player. There’s a bit of run-and-gun action, but the key is sticking close to your dragon buddy, thanks to its tail that blocks bullets and a killer charge shot. Similar to R-Type or X-Multiply, you are diving into a heavy biomechanical theme set in a post-apocalyptic world. So are you ready for an adventure through big levels jam-packed with enemies, surprises, and heart-pounding action? Relive the thrill of Dragon Breed on modern consoles and flaunt your dragon-riding skills to friends and gamers worldwide! Get in on the dragon-fueled fun!

What to expect:
Three fantastic arcade-era IREM standard shoot ‘em ups.A quick save and load feature to guarantee your progress.Built-in filters to relive the original game experience.New integrated help functions, such as rewind and fast-forward features.Worldwide leaderboards to put your score on display.Many fantastic stages with bizarre enemies and enormous boss fights.

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