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Can I take a moment and say how nice it is to see that Konami has created a Castlevania portal? Well, I just did.

It is no secret that I love the Castlevania games, particularly Symphony of the Night. These Metroid styled games were 2D in the age of 3D graphics. Coincidentally, when the first 3D Castlevania was released for the Nintendo 64, I did purchase it but that was after playing the significantly better Symphony of the Night. After playing this awful game for a few minutes, I put it down and moved back to the “good one” from that generation. There was a sequel on the N64 but I have never played it to this day, and I have no desire to.

I am intrigued that Konami may release additional games, as the portal indicates. I would love to a 16-bit collection of the SNES and Genesis games; hell, let’s include Castlevania Chronicles in there too, even though it came out on the PlayStation.

Let’s make a few assumptions; if Requiem does well, it is reasonable to believe additional Castlevania titles will see re-releases. If Castlevania does well, perhaps other Konami franchises will be afforded the same type of treatment. Then, maybe we will see the Hudson catalogue for the Turbo Grafx 16 / PCEngine released on modern consoles.

What do you think will happen? Better yet, what do you want to see happen?


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