‘Lollipop Chainsaw RePOP’ Still Intended To Be Uncensored

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As the story goes, it should stay the same.  Only time will tell, but the director did say on his personal Twitter, “We have changed the game design of RePOP from Remake to Remaster based on your requests!” 

He specifically said, ” Now, regarding the scenario and script of RePOP, we have decided to use the original Lollipop Chainsaw scenario and script without any changes. Up until now, we have been open-mindedly discussing the scenario, but we will not be making any additions or changes to it after all.   The original scenario’s acclaim and the requests of fans were both reasons that went into this decision. On the other hand, we will be making improvements and adding new elements with the purpose of increasing the game’s appeal.  As for requests for the game to be uncensored, we are also working on realizing this to the best of our ability.” 

As I’ve said before, if the game can’t be uncensored, then there is no point in making the game.

The director went on to say:

We would like to revamp the battles into something that the console action game players of today will enjoy, such as doing away with any sluggishness in chainsaw battles with speed adjustments, improving the input timing for cheerleading and chainsaw combo attacks, as well as improving camera movement. As the chief director of the original Lollipop Chainsaw, I have a good understanding of the issues it had, and I intend to tackle them through the development of RePOP.

Aside from improvements to battle, we will also be making improvements to things like resolution, frame rate, loading time and more. We are carefully selecting new elements to raise the game’s appeal, such as changeable extra functions for the chainsaw and a consecutive hit system independent of the combo attack system.

Bounding into Comics

I will buy the game if it is uncensored.

I grew up in a time when video games were made for the core audience and not the modern “sensitive” folk we have today. If you are morally offended by a game, don’t buy it. That logic worked (well, didn’t work) for “The Last of Us II.”

Also, just for fun, here are a couple of video game ads from my youth.


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