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I know what you are thinking; I need another Atari 2600. I’m kidding; nobody is saying that. There are so many better ways to play Atari games today, officially. Of course, now you have another one; enter the Atari 2600+. I started with an Intellivision, so I have no nostalgia here, but my console was in much more limited supply. Atari was the PlayStation of the day.


The Atari 2600+ is an updated version of the iconic Atari 2600 and has been enhanced in the following ways:

  • Plays both Atari 2600 and 7800 game cartridges
  • HDMI output makes it easy to connect
  • Widescreen mode
  • Enlarged cartridge socket reduces sticking
  • Atari logo lights up when being played

The system comes with a replica CX40+ joystick which has been recreated to the same specifications as the original, and a 10-in-1 game cartridge featuring some of Atari’s most famous games:

  • Adventure®
  • Combat®
  • Dodge ‘Em™
  • Haunted House®
  • Maze Craze™
  • Missile Command®
  • RealSports® Volleyball
  • Surround™
  • Video Pinball™
  • Yars’ Revenge®

The Atari 2600+ launches on November 17, 2023 and will cost $129.99. You can pre-order one on the Atari website. Replicas of the original joysticks will also be sold separately for $24.99. There is also a plan to launch the CX-30 Paddle Controller bundle that includes the paddle and a 4-in-1 game cartridge for $39.99.

You ways to play Atari games just got more interesting.


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