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I saw a post on Reddit where the author stated that the successor to the Nintendo Switch should be backwards compatible.

Reddit Post

I know what most people want is better hardware for graphics/performance and to not have to scale back the first party devs creative scope/vision, as well as 3rd party devs like capcom fromsoft ubisoft ea etc would more than happily bring their games over after switch sales if only the console could run it. But the big thing here is backwards compatibility. I can just imagine nintendo using the oppurtunity to sell us every game from this generation again for 60 dollars, like they did with mario kart 8. Every switch game coming out as a “hd” release for 60 dollars like a skyward sword/ mario 3d all stars situation. Instead of games just carrying over and upgrading to thier next gen version for free(most of the time) like they do on PS5 and Xbox


Most of the responses agreed with this person. For context, “most” Nintendo consoles are backwards compatible with the previous generation.

  • GameCube –> Wii
  • Wii –> Wii U
  • GameBoy / GameBoy Color –> GameBoy Advance
  • GameBoy Advance –> DS
  • DS –> 3DS.

Precedence & My Thoughts

The precedence is definitely there for the Switch to be backwards compatible. Nintendo does have a history, where they are more interested in reselling you a game. Look at Mario Kart 8, Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Metroid Prime; to name a few. Mario Kart 8 and Donkey Kong were both ports of the Wii U versions. Metroid Prime was a remaster, but ultimately a re-release of a GameCube game.

Time will tell. Hopefully Nintendo will at least, make the digital games backwards compatible, with the currently unconfirmed console, if the cartridges are not. Nintendo Switch Online does offer “backwards compatible” options. If you don’t know; Nintendo Switch Online offers emulated select games from various retro consoles, through console-specific apps.

Seeing how Nintendo operates, I could see them making digital games from the previous generation compatible, but behind the paywall of Nintendo Switch Online. (At least then, I could use the Brawler.)

I wouldn’t worry about the Switch fading into obscurity just yet. They just released an update for it. When Nintendo stops releasing firmware updates, no matter how minuscule, then they are abandoning the hardware.


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