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There is a new game coming to the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive, called “Mega Slow Mole,” by SlowMoleStudio. Looking at the video below, the game appears to be a modern-day “Mega Man,” of sorts. The developer has more on his YouTube page.

SegaBits has more.

This is the latest in their series of Slow Mole games, which started on NES with Slow Mole. Mega Slow Mole is planned to launch sometime within 2023, but SlowMoleStudio has already launched a free demo ROM on their page, where their earlier Slow Mole games are also available. The full game is already available in beta form on for $12 USD (Currently on sale at $8.40 as of this writing). Paying for the beta ROM should entitle you to any updated ROM files in the future. Future updates will include more levels and music, along with some secret screens.  A physical cartridge release is also planned, but no information is currently available on that yet.


I love modern games on retro consoles. While I have not written about it, I did cover the game on my YouTube channel; Demons of Asteborg by Neofid Studios is a modern Sega Genesis / Mega Drive game as well. In addition to the ROM being available for purchase on the Genesis, the game is also available on modern hardware.

I look forward to seeing more about this game.


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