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RetroFlag sent me their Sega Genesis / Mega Drive Mini (Controller-M) to review. I took a look at the controller across multiple videos.


In the first video, I unboxed the controller and gave my initial impressions. Here they are:

Unboxing and impressions

In the second video, I discussed the look and feel of the controller, as well as compared it to others; like Retro-Bit’s licensed Sega controllers and 8bitdo’s versions.


Even though the form-factor is nearly identical to that of the original Sega 6-button controller (and Retro-bit’s licensed version), it is considerably smaller. Ironically, the 8bitdo counterpart, is roughly the same size. For whatever reason, I find that the 8bitdo controller feels the best out of the group.

The first two videos were YouTube shorts. The third and final video is long-form with gameplay, featuring Elemental Master and Final Fight CD; both on the Sega Genesis Mini 2.

Final Thoughts

The controller responds as it should. I deliberately chose games that I knew well, in order to see if the controller responded correctly. I do think the controller is a little small for me, but it works as advertised. If you want to buy one, you can here. Based on the response, I will test it with other things and see how it goes.


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