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Terra Flame by TERARIN GAMES is coming to the Nintendo Switch on April 30, 2023, although it is currently available on Steam. The looks very much like a retro game, even though it is modern. Should I review the game?

As I write this, Steam has the game for $12:

The Switch version is up for pre-order at full price:

Terra Flame is a horizontal shmup inspired by the 90’s.

Game features:

  • A system that can switch between three types of weapons in real time.
  • Includes arcade mode and caravan mode.
  • Supports ONLINE RANKING.
  • It is drawn with Pixel Art that imaged the 90’s.
  • Includes chiptunes using MD sound sources.

Humans who have advanced into the universe have completed the defense system and the huge computer STAR FISH to control it. This system maintained the peace of the universe, and many people lived in the universe. However, the defense system suddenly launched an attack on humankind. In response to this unforeseen situation, the special operations unit PHOENIX was ordered to start. The operation name is TERRA FLAME. Its purpose is to stop the runaway defense system and restore peace.


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