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There is another great Nintendo Switch eShop sale. These games are only those that I have played myself, and thing are worth the price of admission. Here are a few from my YouTube channel:

  • Burnout Paradise Remastered – $5.99 (was $29.99)
  • Cotton Fantasy – $9.99 (was $39.99)
  • Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom – $9.99 (was $39.99)
  • Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered – $7.99 (was $39.99)
  • Oceanhorn – $3.74 (was $14.99)
  • Oceanhorn 2 – $17.99 (was $29.99)
  • Space Invaders Forever – $8.99 (was $29.99)
  • Space Invaders Invincible Collection – $17.99 (was $59.99)
  • The House of the Dead: Remake – $6.24 (was $24.99)
  • The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors – $5.99 (was $19.99)

There are many more games on sale on Nintendo’s site.


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