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It’s inevitable that Nintendo will eventually release a newer game console. They have repeated this process every 5-8 years since 1983, and there is no evidence that they will ever stop. Even when the other console manufacturers eventually kill the industry, again, I contend Nintendo will be fine.

The scuttlebutt is that key developers already have a development kit for the “next” Switch. Not much is known and damn-near everything is speculation. The rumor is it will be released in the second half of 2024. This seems appropriate, given when people spend the most money.


VGC claims to have insight into the Switch’s successor with development kits now in the hands of key partner studios.

The report goes on to say that the new device would have a portable mode similar to the current Switch. Given the success Switch has seen with its hybrid nature, that would certainly make sense.

There have been rumors of a more powerful Switch percolating for a long time now, but Nintendo has never confirmed this. Nintendo has, however, confirmed that it will launch a new console before the year 2100.

Nintendo will inevitably release another console one day. While we don’t know what it’ll be just yet, Bowser said the aim for it will be to “surprise and delight” customers. “How can we introduce new unique ways of playing? That’s always in front of our mind,” Bowser said.

The Switch has sold more than 125 million units. It is now the third best-selling console of all time.


My Take

I do not like the release of new consoles. Yes, this is a controversial take, BUT it is an extra expense. Outside of the 3D games, there is very little that changes. I would rather have a lower-tech game system then spend another $300-$500 for the latest and greatest.

I am a grown man and although I will likely buy the next big thing, I have always looked at it as a chore. I have familial responsibilities and my entertainment needs are not as important as they were decades ago.


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