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The Nintendo GameCube had a strange controller. The shape was extremely comfortable, but it was very unorthodox.


The GameCube controller had one large “A” button and a smaller “B” button. Surrounding the “A” button were two bean-shaped “Y” and “X” buttons. Initially, people largely scoffed at the design, much like “Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker,” but over time it has really become a valued controller. In fact, a variant was released for the Nintendo Switch when Super Smash Bros was released for the console. You can still buy it here, but it is the Japanese version.

Truth be told, it is a remarkably comfortable controller. The triggers were innovative in their own rights; they were each analog and had a digital button when you pressed them all the way down, and heard the “click.”

Other Uses

It also makes a great Nintendo 64 (N64) controller, as I demonstrated with the Raphnet adapter here:

An early review on my YouTube channel. I agree, I need to fix the art.

The adapter is still solid, and the position of the buttons makes for excellent gameplay on the legacy console.

A Wireless First

Back to the GameCube itself; did you know that the system was the first to have a “reliable” wireless controller? It had a 25 foot range, but lacked rumble. Back in the day, there was an ad that showed; well, let me just show you:

After starting my YouTube channel, I bought a second Wavebird and those were my dominant GameCube controllers, until I Retro Fighters sent me the BattlerGC. You can buy one here. I reviewed the controller and made a YouTube video of my findings.

Essentially what Nintendo did with this controller, was make something that became a timeless classic, used for years to come.

What do you think of the Nintendo GameCube controller?


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