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Out of these three options, who does it best? The Playstation 2 (PS2) has an extensive library where most of the games are interlaced. This is an unfortunate thing because the retro gamer has limited options, starting with the need to deinterlace the majority of the games.

I published a video to both Rumble and YouTube where I show Virtua Fighter 4 (Evolution) in side by side comparisons with Hyperkin and Levelhike HDMI adapters. During a small section, I even feature the OSSC, which is what the “experts” (gatekeepers) tell the large viewing audience “should” be using. Well, the OSSC isn’t the only thing you “should” use, the RetroTink is the other. I’ve covered the original and Pro, but I have not purchased the more modern models.

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If you prefer Rumble, my video is here:

My Mindset

I am of the mindset, the people should play their retro games as they see fit. Don’t let any of the online “Twitter” or “YouTube” bullies tell you otherwise. Large channels often take it upon themselves to voice their opinions and many of their followers take those opinions as fact. Those followers will then come to smaller channels with differing opinions and tell us how we are wrong.

I tend to respond to everyone, but you must be polite. If you are rude or condescending, you will be ignored.

Ultimately, these cheaper cables, like Hyperkin and Levelhike are perfectly fine. For many the consoles these cables are sold for would be sitting idle if it weren’t for the options by these companies. Play games anyway you want and have fun.


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