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If you were fortunate enough to have a launch model PlayStation 3 (PS3), with full backwards compatibility, treat it well. Sony has officially killed off support for the console. I still have a launch model PS3. The original one experienced a Yellow Light of Death (YLOD) and Sony has replaced it; twice.

When my PS3 went back to Sony a second time, I bought a 160 GB PS3 Slim.

I don’t worry about that one failing. Those consoles are reliable. In fact, that PS3 was the one I used to test the bluetooth Defender. Even the original controllers are still solid on that second-generation console, but I do like the modern options.

Contacting PlayStation Support

I ended up contacting PlayStation support via chat. I started by asking the following question:

I know the system has been discontinued, but can I get my launch PS3 (an original PS3 60Gb) officially repaired by Sony? If so, what is the cost and turnaround time?

The person responded:

I know that is missing some context. For whatever reason, I cannot find the previous part of the conversation, but I was informed that the console has been discontinued and no longer serviced.

While I understand why they no longer service a console that is two generations old. Even Nintendo stopped servicing their old consoles, and that was from a company that stopped servicing Famicoms in the early 2000s.

So treat your PS3’s right. If you know how to fix them properly, I am all ears. Let me know!


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