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Ray’z Arcade Chronology was announced last year and I was immediately intrigued. I love Shoot-em Ups (SHMUPs) and immediately made a YouTube video. Well, finally the game was released, in Japan. I bought the cartridge for my Nintendo Switch and made a few more YouTube videos.

The Games

Rayforce, also known a Layer Section or Galactic Attack, depending on region, was ported to the SEGA Saturn. I covered the Switch port of that game here.

Layer Section / Galactic Attack is good enough, but if I have to choose the Saturn game or the arcade original, I would go with the arcade every time.

RayStorm (and RayStorm HD) received an Xbox 360 “enhanced” port. The game is not supported on the Xbox One, nor the Xbox Series X|S, so if you bought it, it must be played on a real Xbox 360. I covered that game here, where I compared it with the PlayStation (PS1) original.

The last game included in the “Ray’z Arcade Chronology” is “Ray Crisis.” I have no prior coverage of this game, nor is it my favorite in the trilogy.

I gave my opinion on each game in my review:

PlayStation Vs Nintendo

Recently, I was offered a code for the PlayStation 4 (PS4) game and decided to make another YouTube video comparing the PlayStation versus the Switch versions. I never played the game on a PS. I played it on a PlayStation 5 (PS5). I did a side by side comparison of each of the three games.

The differences between the PS4 and Switch versions are negligible, so if portability is a focus, by all means, go with the Switch. The Switch is more than capable of playing these 90’s games. The PS4/PS5 does have a better controller for retro games.

My favorite game in the collection is the first one; Rayforce. I like RayStorm, and I tolerate RayCrisis.

I think the collection is designed well and I continue to enjoy it.


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