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I posted a YouTube video as well as a blog entry regarding my experience with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. So far, my experience has been fine. Sure there are some minor hiccups and graphical glitches, but in no way as bad as many on YouTube have opined.

Video from yesterday

I was pretty clear in my blog post and YouTube video that I was talking about my experience. If another person has a different experience than me, by all means express it, and people have. The comment below is something that I received as a response to my video.

Let me be clear; there is nothing wrong with this comment. This person is entitled to his opinion and I responded:

I remember when games were finished upon their release. Broken games were only fixable by issuing a recall. I have said for years that the Internet has ruined gaming. As to your point; I have been playing this game constantly, and have not encountering anything worthy of a major complaint. I have noticed a few stutters here and there, but nothing major.

If you want to end the practice of unfinished releases, you should avoid purchasing problem games until they are to your satisfaction. You may want to consider a full boycott of EA (and Activision) if the games are not to your satisfaction. An added benefit of buying a game well after a release is the discount you get with it.

I do believe that the best way to make a company listen, is to simply stop buying their products. Regardless where you stand on the controversy, it is clear that Anheuser Busch learned that lesson. Do you think that Electronic Arts would get the message if people stopped buying their games on day-1?


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