Retro-Bit’s “El Viento” Release Up For Preorder on July 30, 2023

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El Viento is a side scrolling action game, originally released on the Sega Genesis. Over the last few years, Retro-bit has been acquiring old licenses and releasing new cartridges for old consoles.

El Viento – Narrative

It is 1928 when a cult that worships the evil Hastur, god of the winds, is close to resurrecting their master, Hastur himself. The cult plans to sacrifice a decendent of Hasture, a woman named Restiana.

Annet, a young woman from Peru who succeeded in containing Hastur thanks to the fact that she is also a decendent of the evil god. What Annet will be up against is every goon that DeMarco, mob boss, will throw her way.

Nowhere is safe in the city run by Vincente DeMarco.  These gangsters know you’re here and will drive out to attack you on the street!  Vincente has pointed you to Mt. Rushmore.  Back in New York City with all the information you need, take to the streets and enter the massive building still in construction.

My Thoughts

I have this game on the Evercade, so I will not buy this again. The graphics are good for the time, but I do not care much for this game. I discussed it at length in the video below:


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