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I’ve covered lot of eastasiasoft published games, particularly shoot’em ups. The most recent eastasiasoft game is Feeble Light. This game looks like it came right out of a GameBoy. It is modern, and the most interesting thing about the game is its randomized levels.

During this video, I play through most of the game, multiple times. I got stymied by the final boss, as you can see below.

From the website about this game:

Blast off as a little star trying to rid the cosmos of angry celestial beings in Feeble Light, a 3-tone pixel art shoot’em up where minimalistic presentation makes way for precision controls and fluid animation! Inspired by genre classics, Feeble Light is a vertical bullet hell where you’ll fire at enemies with starlight, dodge asteroids, evade incoming projectiles and build up bomb energy for devastating counterattacks! In a tight spot?

Slow down your little star for extra precision to navigate through bullet swarms or narrow passages. Master 5 thoughtfully crafted stages, randomized with each playthrough to keep you on your toes as you chase the high score, then take down big bosses to free the cosmos and earn new color palettes to customize your experience in future runs!


  • Blast through 5 randomized stages of vertical shoot’em up action!
  • Dodge attacks and enemy swarms in bullet hell style.
  • Charge up bomb energy for special attacks!
  • Slow down your movement for higher precision in tight situations.
  • Choose from multiple color palettes and earn more through skillful play!

After each of my plays, I was offered a new color pallet to use, while playing. It’s a fun game and worth a look. For $4.99, check it out.


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