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We all know that Sony will inevitably release a smaller PlayStation 5 (PS5). All four generations of PlayStation hardware to date, have been revised.

Rumors have floated around that the PS5 will get a smaller release, featuring a detachable optical drive for some time. After my experience with the Steam Deck, I bought a PS5 and I have really enjoyed the console. I don’t like the story direction of “modern” Sony Releases in some cases, but the gameplay remains top notch.

The design of the PS5 is ugly. Look at this thing:

If you already have a PlayStation 5, would you buy the PS5 Slim upon its release? I have the disc model. I also have a lot of PlayStation 4 games and this console is backwards compatible. Most of the PS4 games are compatible. To date, there has been no official images of the rumored “slim.” This what we do know about the console:

  • The console will be smaller.
  • There will only have one SKU and the optical drive will be detachable

We do not know if the console will be cheaper.

If you do not have a PS5 already, would you buy a PS5 Slim?

If you already have a PS5, would you buy a PS5 Slim. That brings about a question; why would somebody buy a second console? The easy answer for me: multiple rooms.

Let me know your thoughts.


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