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At almost 3.5 million units sold, Sonic Frontiers becomes the best selling 3D Sonic game. It was announced in this tweet:

Personally, this is the first Sonic game that I have enjoyed in years. I had to force myself to complete Sonic Mania, and the nostalgia is the only thing that helped. I enjoyed Sonic Forces to a point, but eventually stopped playing it. Since the Sega Genesis, and up until Sonic Frontiers, I generally regarded Sonic games as bargain-tier, at best. I actually did buy this game on discount, at Amazon.

Sonic Frontiers – Mini Review

I really like Sonic Frontiers. It has some issues. The pop-in on a PlayStation 5 (PS5) is inexcusable. The fishing segments have clear graphical corruptions, each time Sonic casts a line. I still really enjoyed the game. The graphics and music were very good, even with the glitches. I thought Sonic was (for a change) very controllable. I really liked the Zelda Breath of the Wild-style of play too.

I bought the PlayStation 4 (PS4) version because it came with a free PS5 upgrade. In hindsight, I should have purchased the Xbox version, as it uses “Smart Delivery,” and the save is universal across both generations. For the record, I often wonder which version of a game, I should buy. The Dual Sense is the critical factor and in this game, its use is minimal.

I actually finished Sonic Frontiers today. By the end of the game, I had completely leveled-up Sonic. This made the final boss a cake-walk. I really enjoyed my 25+ hours with the game. I may even do another play through, but only if I can clear out my backlog.

Jedi Survivor as my next focus.


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