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Telenet has some some awesome shooters. The two standouts for me are Gaiares and Psychic Storm. The announcement was made on Youtube for the Japanese Switch eShop. If it is anything like the Valis series, these games will (likely) come to other regions.

These are the four games:

  • Granada (November 1990, Genesis)
  • Avenger (1990, PC Engine)
  • Gaiares (1990, Genesis)
  • Psychic Storm (1992, PC Engine)

I’m familiar with Gaiares and Psychic Storm, so those are the ones I will feature.


I’ve covered this game as part of the Renovation Evercade cartridge as well as the Retro-bit collection.

Psychic Storm

Psychic Storm is a classic Turbografx-16 / PC Engine game CD game. I often confuse it with Cyber Core:

Both game feature insect-type enemies, and are both fantastic.

If I can get a copy of this collection, I will feature it on YouTube.


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