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I mentioned earlier that Telenet Shooting Collection was out for the Nintendo Switch in Japan. I contacted Edia, the company, and they provided me with a code for content creation. You need a Japanese Nintendo Switch eShop account to buy it digitally, or you can get it here at Play Asia.

For $53.66, it is a better deal to buy the game physically from Play-Asia. (Cheaper too!)

Out of the four games, I favor one the most; Psychic Storm. That game is awesome!

I streamed the game on my YouTube channel and Twitch.

Granada (November 1990, Genesis)

Out of the four games, I care the least Granada. I already have the game on the Evercade Renovation Collection, and I still don’t play it. It just isn’t a game that I enjoy.

Avenger (1990, PC Engine)

The stream today, was the first time I ever played Avenger. It reminds me Twin Cobra. Personally, I think this game wins out for the soundtrack alone.

Neither helicopter game plays better than the other. Avenger sounds much better.

Gaiares (1990, Genesis)

Now we are getting into the really good stuff! Gaiares is a great, yet an incredibly difficult game. In my stream today, I got to level 2, and was incredibly proud. I already have this game by other means. I have Gaiares on the Evercade, via the Renovation collection and Retro-Bit’s re-release.

Psychic Storm (1992, PC Engine)

Psychic Storm is my favorite game in this collection. The game is a vertical shoot’em up where you primarily fight against insect-looking enemies. The graphics are good, but not stellar. The sounds are mediocre, but the music is absolutely phenomenal. I highly recommend this collection for Psychic Storm alone. Price wise, it is solid deal too. Look what has this game valued at:

If you enjoy shooters, this collection is well worth your time. Let me know what you think.


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