Telenet Shooting Collection Rated For A “Limited Run Games” Release on Switch

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It looks like Limited Run Games is set to release a localized version of “Telenet Shooting Collection.” I covered the Japanese collection on my YouTube channel a month ago.

My coverage of the Edia’s Talent Shooting Collection (Japanese Version)

ESRB Rating and Details

ESRB has rated Telenet Shooting Collection as “E for Everyone” for Nintendo Switch.

This is a collection of four 2D arcade-style shooters in which players pilot small planes/spaceships through scrolling levels. Players use lasers, machine guns, and missiles to destroy incoming waves of enemies (e.g., ships/planes, ground vehicles, and aliens). Battles are fast-paced, highlighted by explosions and screen-shaking effects. Players can access a gallery depicting still-image cutscenes, a handful of which include images of violence: civilians caught in a fiery explosion; soldiers getting shot, with accompanying red-flash effects (evocative of blood). Box artwork depicts a woman with partially exposed breasts obscured by a spaceship. The word “hell” appears in the game.

ESRB Explanation

I absolutely love Psychic Storm.


The is an apparent boycott on Limited Run Games. I’m not going to affirm the accuracy of the following tweet but I will include it to give all sides:


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