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I bought an Evercade some time ago for my YouTube channel. I don’t play it very much, but I do have some favorite cartridges.

Brutally honest opinions about the Evercade

Namco Museum Collection 2

The second Namco collection is by far one of best reasons to buy the Evercade. Unfortunately, it is incompatible with the “VS” console because the agreement with Namco is only for portable systems. Fortunately, there is a newer “EXP” version of the portable, which seems to remove any need for a designated console, that is permanently attached to a TV. I still have the original Evercade, which I think is mediocre. It does what it is supposed to do without frills. The reason I hold this collection in high regards is simply because the secondary cost of the included games is high. Look up Splatterhouse 2 & Splatterhouse 3 on

Toaplan Arcade Collection 1

Toaplan is known for some of the best shoot’em ups ever made. In the first release, they included these games:

  • Tiger-Heli
  • Alcon
  • Truxton
  • Zero Wing
  • Guardian
  • Snow Bros
  • Flying Shark
  • Teki-Paki

I am not familiar with every game, but Truxton, Zero Wing, Snow Bros and Tiger-Heli all have console ports. These are the arcade games and extremely difficult. Out of the collection, Truxton is my favorite. If you are interested in this collection, you can buy it here. I’ve played the Sega Genesis (Retro-Bit) port on my YouTube channel multiple times. I was given a code for the arcade game on Steam, which I reviewed here:

Because I own many of these games, I have not purchased this Evercade collection.

Toaplan Arcade Collection 2

Toaplan Collection 2 was released on April 28, 2023. This collection includes these games:

  • Demon’s World
  • Fire Shark*
  • Hellfire
  • Rally Bike*
  • Twin Cobra*
  • Twin Hawk*
  • Wardner

Note: “*” These games are played best in Evercade EXP’s TATE Mode.

Out of this collection, Fire Shark is my favorite. I did review Twin Cobra as part of the Youtube video, I listed above. I have also reviewed the Sega Genesis version of Fire Shark, re-releaased by Retro-Bit.

The Genesis / Mega Drive port is solid, but getting expensive. Even the Toaplan collection was well over $100, when I bought it. Evercade prices are far more reasonable. I anticipate Bitwave releasing another collection, so I will hold off on Collection 2. If you are interested in Toaplan Collection 2, you can buy it here.

What are your thoughts on the Evercade?


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