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The online complaints pertaining to Jedi: Survivor are extensive. I apparently do not seek gaming perfection because while playing the game yesterday on my PS5, I decided to stream it to Twitch.



Overall, the game performed well. There are a few glitches and slowdowns, but I think many of the complaints are overrated, as I mentioned here and here. I even shortened my original YouTube video to succinctly make my points:

Electronic Arts (EA) makes many gamers angry. With the loot boxes, and “unfinished” games; to name a few common complaints, gamers at large will complain about nearly everything they produce.

There is a very simple answer…stop buying their products. The quickest way to get a large corporation’s attention is to cut off their funding source. I mentioned this point yesterday.

I do believe that the best way to make a company listen, is to simply stop buying their products.  Regardless where you stand on the controversy, it is clear that Anheuser Busch learned that lesson.  Do you think that Electronic Arts would get the message if people stopped buying their games on day-1?


If the performance of this game is unsatisfactory, do not buy it. Personally, I have been enjoying the game. I should have waited a while for sale. In fact, that is what I usually do, but I enjoyed the first game so much, I was willing to pay full price for Jedi Survivor on PS5. I really have had a blast playing it. I am curious how it plays on the Xbox Series X. If you have any information on the Series X|S performance, please comment below.


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