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It’s funny, because Sony showed off so many games in their PlayStation Showcase and then Microsoft crapped all over it by releasing the list of the same games that are coming to Xbox.

I posted this very same graphic to my YouTube channel at the time.

Let’s look at a few of the games in question, staring with the best of the selection: Metal Gear Solid.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater

This was the first game that I took notice of. I loved the original PlayStation 2 game. I never played the Metal Gear games in order. Snake Eater was actually the first one I ever played. I bought all of them around the same time, and because Snake Eater was chronologically the first in the series, I played that one first. It was an excellent game and I was hooked on the series. I do wonder, if Kojima will have any involvement. Maybe Konami will farm it out to his studio? Only time will tell.

The Others

I took note of Ghost Hunter and said this in my tweet:

Alan Wake 2 and Marathon look interesting, but not for me.

PS5 or Xbox?

The main reason to buy a game on the PlayStation 5 over the Xbox Series X|S is the Dual Sense controller. From what I have seen, the differences with third-party games are negligible. Most recently, I made the decision of PS5 over Xbox in Sonic Frontiers and Jedi Survivor. Going forward, if the game supports Smart Delivery, I will probably go with the Xbox version instead.

As long as games are fun to play, I couldn’t care less about the platform. I do like portability, and I think the PS5 has better remote features. The Xbox Cloud gaming makes for a great options when there is no console around.

How about you?


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