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According to GameSpot, Seagate has permanently reduced the price of their storage upgrades for the Xbox Series X|S line of consoles.

It’s not a moment too soon either, as modern games, like Jedi: Survivor take a massive amount of space.

Seagate has officially and permanently reduced the price of its expansion cards for Xbox Series X|S consoles. According to Seagate’s new pricing, the 512GB expansion card will now cost you $90 (was $140), the 1TB version will retail for $150 (was $220), and the 2TB model has a recommended retail price of $270 (was $400).


Unlike the PlayStation 5 (PS5), the Xbox Series X|S require a proprietary expansion card. The PS5 supports standard M.2 solid state drives.

The “Real” Reason For A Price Drop

Since the Xbox Series line of consoles was released, the only company offering expansion cards was Seagate. They didn’t decide to suddenly offer gamers a better price, out of the “goodness of their hearts.” Western Digital is set to release their own expansion cards.

According to the Verge, Western Digital’s cards will be cheaper. In fact, the Western Digital alternative for Xbox Series X|S is set to be priced at $179.99. Mind you, this was before Seagate’s recent price drop. Now they have undercut Western Digital by approximately $30. It will be interesting to see how these two competitors continually try to undercut one other.

My Upgrades

I’ve upgraded both my Xbox Series X and PS5. Both are easy to install, but I did not make videos (yet) on either. As for the Xbox upgrade; it is as simple as installing a memory card on an original PlayStation (or PlayStation 2) or GameCube. Simply insert the card in “Storage Expansion” slot. As for the PS5, you need to remove the bottom (right-side / Blu-Ray-side) flap and then install the M.2 drive. There is a small screw that keeps the slot closed, but it is essentially plug & play as well.

Your Upgrades?

Have you upgraded your current-generation consoles? Would you buy the more expensive option, if you don’t have to?


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